Prime Telesystems Ltd (PrimeTel) is an INDIAN company by birth, in thought and by intent.  Our history:


1992-96 (Before the internet):  Incorporated as Prime Telesystems Pvt Ltd  by a group of IIT Powai alumni under the leadership of former IIT Powai Director, Dr B. Nag.  PrimeTel was India’s first private sector telecommunications research and development company and one of the first companies in the world to focus on high quality convergence services using packetized technologies (now commonly referred to as Internet Protocol technologies). Design of India’s first defence satellite network. equipment/technology development for strategic projects like satellite TV jamming equipment and critical components for the space program. Technology Development work for the Signals regiment of the Indian Army in the area of mission critical encrypted communication using outdoor satellite vans.  Design of Indias first cellular network for Sterling Cellular in Delhi Circle.   Extensive work in the area of macro network and functionality design for the landline network in Mumbai city.  Work for ICO Global in the area of global satellite telephony. PrimeTel became Indias first EPZ (export processing zone) company in the R&D sector.


1997-2000(Dot com era): PrimeTel received financial support from a leading Government controlled Indian Financial Institution and set up Indias largest design centre. PrimeTel started work on the HDVSL technology alongside global emergence of the internet as the preferred technology for convergence.  PrimeTel built the  first completely dumb home computer for network and sentient computing applications. This was a clear predecessor to products like ipad and smart phones which incorporate similar architectures.


2001-04 (Dot gone era):  PrimeTel implemented the first version of HDVSL technology for use over legacy cable networks using an architecture which was accepted by ITU in 2008 as the G.HN standard. Two of the Fortune 100 companies from USA and one of Chinas largest equity funds companies acquired a strategic equity stake in the company. PrimeTel commenced operations in Israel and China Israel for packetized real time applications and China for low cost wireless applications. PrimeTel launched its own strategic investment program to invest in entities engaged in fundamental research in packetized communication technologies.


2005-11 (India shining): PrimeTel exited from global alliances and standards bodies such to build and promote its own communication standard around the HDVSL architecture.  The HDVSL stack is the first high speed media independent multivariate high speed triple play protocol which can be deployed on an end-to-end network for CPE virtualization, application service provision, internet access, telephony and full function interactive television services. PrimeTel commercialized their HDVSL ready rich media softswitches in four countries.  HDVSL was field tested on a Tier I telco network in India. HDVSL stack commercialized fully.  HDVSL stack tested over the NGN network in a Tier I telco interconnect in a leading Asia Pacific location. HDVSL stack deployed over a CLEC network in the US.  PrimeTel reinvents itself as a mainstay telco with the intent to deploy an end to end HDVSL network. Initiates process to metamorph into a Tier I telco by 2012-13. The journey forward will take another decade or so.  We believe that in under ten years, HDVSL based networks will have a 60%+ revenue share of the Indian market.